Founded in 2008 by producer Louis Gendron after his daughter was diagnosed, Acoustic for Autism is a not-for-profit, volunteer-based project comprised of talented and caring musicians, artists, audio engineers, producers and music industry executives. Everyone involved with the Acoustic for Autism project donates 100% of their time, services and talents to help the cause. Acoustic for Autism features compelling, independent music specifically chosen to convey themes of love, compassion, hope and healing – with a common goal to use the power of music to educate, promote awareness and understanding, and to help raise funds for non-profit autism organizations helping individuals with autism.Why?

Because autism is on the rise. Estimates in 2012 are that 1 in every 88 children is diagnosed each year and 1.7 million American families are currently affected by autismAutism has become the most rapidly growing developmental disability – more common than Down’s syndrome, childhood diabetes, and juvenile cancer combined.Most children with autism require specialized education and support services for their entire lives. However, an early diagnosis and intensive education can change the course of this childhood disorder. By supporting Acoustic for Autism, you support our beneficiaries who are helping our children with autism reach their fullest potential!”

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